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Navigating Excellence in Maritime Solutions

United Ship Management delivers bespoke services for diverse vessels, ensuring a course of excellence in global maritime operations.

Comprehensive Management Services

Founded in 2012 in Singapore, a shipping hub, we specialize in tailored Ship Management services. With expertise in managing over 20 vessels, including VLCC tankers, Chemical tankers, Special Purpose Carriers, Bunker Tankers, Containers, and Bulk Carriers, we serve Owners from Singapore, Japan, China, and Hong Kong.


Our Expertise in Ship Management

Explore our achievement in proudly managing the largest fleet of Floating Storage Tankers (FSUs) in Singapore, Malaysian, and Indonesian waters, currently comprising 9 ULCC/VLCC/FSUs.

USM Group has the following subsidiary companies, all of them are based in Singapore.

Singapore Strait Ship Manager Pte Ltd

Singapore Strait Shipping Pte Ltd.

Nichioh Ship Management Pte Ltd

Nautilus Shipping Pte Ltd

Image by Kenrick Baksh
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