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Ancillary services

We go beyond traditional ship management by offering a comprehensive range of ancillary services to enhance your vessel's efficiency and operation

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3D Printing of Marine Parts

This technology enables producing some ship parts and spares more efficiently.
-Reduction in lead time of parts
- Print on demand and thus reduce keep large inventory
- Cost improvement & usage of alternative materials and game changing approaches

Ship Inspection Services

In and around Singapore we have a team of supervisors who can do Pre-purchase inspections. In India we can provide PANDI club inspections, collision and damage inspections. SIRE inspection preparations.


Delivery Ship Services

We specialise in putting up delivery crews for special projects and help clients to deliver ships to their destinations. The delivery crew will also be responsible for sea trials, commissioning and eventual delivery.


4-stroke Engine Marine Spare Parts

We have teamed with partners in providing spare parts  for 4-stroke marine diesel engines. We cover most of the European engines. We provide these spares with normal warranties at competitive rates.


Fuel ‘Re4Mx’

Fuel Re4Mx, a revolutionary fuel treatment, utilizes 97% fuel-grade biofuels and 3% plant-derived extracts to enhance fuel quality. By breaking down contaminants and extending fuel life, it protects your engine and delivers fuel savings exceeding 10%. We're proud to be distributors of this innovative additive.

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