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Ship & Technical Management

We offer comprehensive ship and technical management services, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your vessel while safeguarding its long-term health. Our services encompass all aspects of technical management, providing you with complete peace of mind.

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Technical and Operational Excellence

Complete Procurement Management: We handle all procurement needs, from sourcing essential supplies and equipment to negotiating competitive prices and ensuring timely delivery.

Safety and Performance Management: Safety is paramount. We implement a robust safety management system (SMS) and establish performance monitoring protocols to optimize efficiency and minimize risks.

Dry Docking: We oversee dry docking activities by good planning  and preparation of the dry docking specifications to the highest accuracy. The selection of dry docks are done thro  yard evaluations and past experiences. Ensuring timely delivery for further trading and cost competitiveness are  the hallmarks of our efforts. 

Emissions Management: Our solutions are EU-MRV compliant and we follow the IMO-DCS reporting as and when required.

Financial and Administrative Support

Finance and Accounting: Our dedicated team handles all financial aspects, including budgeting, cost control, and financial reporting.

Ship Insurance: We partner with diverse insurance brokers to secure comprehensive and competitive insurance coverage for your vessel, mitigating potential risks.

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