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Green Energy Turbines

ESG & Sustainability

While our growth is directly proportional to our customer’s growth, we are consciously aware that our actions and decisions have a direct impact on our customer’s ability to do business.

Economic stability with a changing business environment, can only be achieved by managing the Economic, Social and Environmental risks and opportunities.

 4 Pillars of Our Sustainable Strategy

We align our sustainability pillars by adopting 4 of the UNSDG goals and integrating them into these 4 Pillars.

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Increase growth

UNSDG #8 We champion high work standards on land and at sea, fostering economic growth through productive employment. Our agile, ethical team is key. We offer family medical benefits for seafarers and conduct development seminars – initiatives proven to drive long-term economic success.

Customer oriented

Customer’s growth is our growth. UNSDG #17 encourages partnership for compounding sustainability. Our relationships with our customers are of a collective partnership style in meeting each other's sustainability goals. Most often our customers share similar work and environmental philosophies and thus it helps us to with with such ‘like minded’ customers

Our People

Our people onboard and ashore are the lifeline of the company. We strongly believe in adopting UNSDG # 3 Good health and well being for our people and UNSDG #5 of Gender equality. The group’s work force in the office has a 65% representation by women employees as against 35% of men. Besides actively promoting regular medical check ups at company’s expenses, the company promotes healthy lifestyle onboard thro regular health bulletins and exercise regimes.

Social responsibility

As a group we have a responsibility to  protect the environment around us. This means that our governance and risk management must complement our social responsibility. We believe in producing results in the right way. To ensure that we have a corporate policy on anti bribery and an established policy towards regulatory compliance. We are measuring our carbon footprint thro  CII measurements and declarations. This year we will be publishing our first sustainability report.

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